About The Bradford Barn

Well this is a long story! The beginning of our wedding venue business started completely by accident when my husband and I decided to rent our Timber Frame home next door on VRBO. The “incident” occurred when my husband took the liberty of answering my phone and unannounced to me agreed to hosting and catering a wedding for 85 people out of our family home. I’ve never been more nervous carving a prime rib in my life! Luckily all fingers remain attached! After several more house weddings an idea was conceived.

The Bradford Barn has been in our family for over 50 years and was farmed by my Dad for the bulk of my childhood life. He had a green thumb that surpassed all others and planted our stunningly treed driveway from seeds generated in his homemade greenhouse. AKA the farmhouse bathroom shared by our family of four. He passed on his love for all things green to my husband and love of my life Jim Johannessen. We ourselves were wed on the Bradford Barn property August 21 1993 and both have tattoos to prove it!

Fast forward to 2015 and it was time for the folks to retire and let new innovative minds take over. Thus the introduction of Joran Johannessen my son and official partner in crime. The Bradford Barn was born. The first couples to trust in our vision literally rented a barn in a field. When they returned to visit before their big day we consistently wowed them with new and exciting additions to the property which now include stunning two story decking, custom built Grain Bin Bar, cocktail gazebo and newly renovated ground floor.

Our vision remains centered on providing an exceptional personalized experience to every single person who chooses to share in our story. Our promise is to consistently go above and beyond to ensure your event is beyond everything you ever dreamed of. Please visit our reviews page for past opinions of our dedication to our guests.